Our 11 Favorite Beauty Buys of 2018 Are On Sale Now At Sephora

Your holiday beauty checklist is now available at a discount.

Really, Sephora? How did you intuit everything on our wish list? From fragrance to skincare to hair, you got us covered. And then you put it all on sale, like seriously, 40%, 50% 60% off? The hardest part is deciding what to keep for ourselves and what to give as gifts. Word to the wise: we don’t recommend giving wrinkle creams as gifts. People tend to take it the wrong way. The other thing to keep in mind is that quantities are limited. If you wait until after the tryptophan from your turkey dinner wears off, you’ll likely to miss all the good stuff.  

Kat von D Contour Pallette

Kat Von D spent 15 years putting permanent pigments on people before she became a beauty maven. Yep, she was one of LA’s top tattoo artists, and still inks some of her high profile (read: celebrity) clients. She understands how color and texture come together to create a beautiful visage, and the 12-color Shade + Light Palette is the culmination of her hard-won expertise and constant innovation. $40 NOW $29

Sephora Advanced Airbrush Set

To tell you the truth, the Sephora advance brush kit was a good deal at its original price of $65. The quality brush set has everything you need to put your face on, from eye shadow to blush to blotting powder. The sale price is a ridiculously good deal. Be sure to pounce on this early, it will sell out. $40 NOW $29

T3 Featherweight Hair Dryer

Everyone has been talking about the T3 hair dryer series this year in superlatives: It prevents frizz! It reduces drying time! It makes your hair shiny! It’s compact and portable! And now we have another superlative to add to the list: It’s 20% off! $150 NOW $119

Philosophy Anti-Wrinkle Miracle Worker

Nope, we don’t recommend buying anti-wrinkle creams as gifts because even if your intentions are good, people can take it the wrong way. But if you are in the market for a cream for yourself, we love, love, love Philosophy’s Miracle Worker. It absorbs impeccably, and moisturizes without greasifying. It infuses your skin with nutrients and creates a refreshed appearance. It’s a gift you can give to yourself and you totally deserve it. $60 NOW $36

Sephora MicroSmooth Sculpting Contour Trio

When it comes to makeup trends, 2018 will go down as the year that contouring came out of the shadows into the light. Pun intended. If you have yet to experiment with shadows and light, Sephora’s sculpting kit is a fabulous entree into the magical world of contouring, and it just might make a believer out of you. $21 NOW $11

Sephora Dramatic Eyeliner

In addition to contouring kits, felt eyeliners were big beauty news in 2018, and we totally understand why. They create the look of liquid eyeliner without the mess.  $15 NOW $5

Nest Amazon Lily

Nest fragrances has been killing it this year with their nature-inspired essences. At these prices, it’s perfectly reasonable to pick up one for a gift and one for yourself. $72 NOW $42

Sephora Radiance Cleansing Foam

Cleansers have come a long way in recent years. It’s not enough for them to just wash off makeup and residue. They’ve also got to moisturise and tone. Radiance foam delivers all that in a frothy, wondrous formula. $16 NOW $8

Madam C.J. Walker Styling Souffle

In the annals of beauty history, Madame C.J. Walker is the original beauty mogul. Her brand has been revived in modern day with a product line dedicated to curly and ethnic hair, and we love everything we’ve tried so far. The coconut oil and moringa keep our curls hydrated without weighing them down. Madame would be proud. $26 NOW $13

Perricone MD Cocoa Moisture Mask

We are huge fans of Dr. Perricone. We’ve read his books, followed his diets, and become devotees of his exquisite products. They rarely go on sale, but when they do, we never hesitate to stock up. The cocoa Moisture Mask is one of our favorites because it smells delicious and leaves skin silky smooth. $69 NOW $45

Josie Maran Self-Tanning Body Butter

We love a sun-kissed look but hate skin damage, so it goes without saying that we are fans of self-tanners. But some products are so full of weird chemicals that we’ve wondered if they’re more dangerous than the UV rays themselves. Josie Maran to the rescue. Her Mango Argan Self-Tanning Butter is a miracle potion that imparts a moisturized glow without any contaminants. Leave it to a female entrepreneur to know what women really want. Bravo, Josie.  $42 NOW $32